Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Our work week (I use the term “our work week” loosely as DAVE is the only one working right now!) is Sunday through Thursday, so Dave had to take a half day off to go to Easter service on Sunday morning! Luckily it was held at the American Club, a 5-minute walk from our house. The pictures are of us walking to service. We were busy listening, singing and mostly keeping Catherine in her seat, that we did not take any photos during the service. The Easter service was held outside on the lawn and there was a gentle breeze blowing. We saw lots of friends which was nice. Because the service was on the lawn, when Catherine reached her time limit in her seat (she made it about half way through the sermon) I just took her about 15 ft. away to the playground!

These were pictures I should have snapped…her flying down the slide and digging in the sand in her beautiful Easter dress! I recall doing things like that in my childhood…After the service we had a wonderful brunch and then headed home. Dave headed to work and Catherine headed to bed.

Our nanny and driver are Christian so we gave them the day off. So, I hung around the house as Catherine slept and Dave took a rickshaw to work. I sent our cook home after a half day and he was really excited about that. Catherine had a great nap (2.5 hours) and then we headed to a friend’s house to go swimming and have some fun with play-doh and other kids. A quick stop at the club to play and we were home by 6PM. Hungry and tired, we threw together some leftovers (with the cook only here a half a day, we were on our own for dinner…yikes, what to do?!) Catherine LOVED the hodge podge we pulled together; chicken hot dogs, paratha (like a pancake/crepe), watermelon, cheese and lentils! We had a lovely Easter and hope that you did too!

On a side note: baby # 2 (official name RIGHT NOW is ‘chick pea’) is 16 weeks today. :)

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