Sunday, October 12, 2008

Glitter Ball 2008!

Widely considered the ex-pat event of the year, Glitter Ball is Dhaka's hottest party. It is a costume ball hosted by the Aussies and Kiwis. Tickets sell out for the event in the summer in about 10 minutes.

Each table of 12 people dress with an ensemble theme. We were super lucky to have been invited to join 2 of the tables of mostly US Embassy staffers. The tickets were held for us in hopes we could make it back from Canada in time to attend. Lucky for us we JUST made it back in time! We purchased our costumes at a shop in Ann Arbor during our brief stint in Michigan.

Our theme (hopefully its fairly obvious) was Egyptian. There were also Under the Sea table (photos to follow of some of their group) school girls and boys, superheros, cannibals, rock stars, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts club band, Vampires, Cowboys and Cowgirls and much much more!

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