Monday, November 24, 2008

Trip to the Sundarbans

Had a great trip recently to the Sundarban forest on the southern coast of Bangladesh. I left Catherine and Dave at home and travelled for 4 days just with baby Caroline. The accomodations on the boat were fine, nothing fancy, more like camping. We had a relaxing time and enjoyed being out of Dhaka and the smog and car horns.

I saw tiger tracks, but no tigers. I saw lots of deer, dolphins, various birds and a HUGE crocodile! We also enjoyed an hour long trek to the beach and the Bay of Bengal. Caroline was fast asleep and slept through seeing the beach!
The guides on the boat told me she was the youngest tourist they have ever had in the Sundarbans!

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coldspaghetti said...

I just saw your post after seeing someone write about a similar boat tour (it was on Global Voices)...

She's starting a resort somewhere nearby... maybe another weekend retreat for you all!