Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The trip from Washington, DC to Dhaka, Bangladesh; August 30-31, 2007

Catherine slept most of the way to London and so did I as Dave gave me his 1st class seat. Upon arrival in London Catherine and I watched as Molson was offloaded from under the plane. I couldn’t help crying as I saw his wooden crate move slowly down the steep ramp, get loaded onto a BA truck and slowly drive out of sight.

We enjoyed a nice layover in London in the BA lounge. We all took showers (aka tub-tub time) and changed clothes. We then took turns chasing Catherine around the Business class lounge and trying to keep her out of trouble while one of us tried to relax and eat lunch. They have a playroom in the lounge where she met some international playmates.

We watched Molson get on loaded on our plane in London. I cried again and was anxious for him as this was the longest leg-10 hours from London to Dhaka with no food, water or potty breaks.

Catherine only slept a couple of hours on this flight as it was daytime for her, but nighttime in our destination-Dhaka. The Bangladeshis on the plane seemed taken with her-maybe it’s the blonde hair and blue eyes? We tried to see Molson get offloaded in Dhaka, but the windows were all steamy from the heat and humidity on the ground. I was anxious to see him again. With the help of some staff of Dave’s new office, we picked up all THIRTEEN of our pieces of checked luggage. We loaded into 2 landcruisers and drove to Cargo village to pick up Molson. Dave went in to pick him up and about 20 minutes later they called me in to bring some water, I practically sprinted into the place, which had men hanging around and looked like an old factory. I came around a corner and saw Molson. His tongue was wide and he was panting, but he looked okay! He drank the entire water bottle in a matter of seconds!

We arrived in the new apt. to find no water filtration system, stove, or refridgerator which were all part of the lease agreement. We had some work to do to get settled in!

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Rachel said...

I miss you guys already!! I wish we had seen more of eachother when you were living in Arlington :(. I am so proud of my family though, making that big trek and doing so well. I can't wait to follow your adventures. Love to all of you!