Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Catherine has used the potty!

Catherine has gone to the bathroom on the potty a couple of times and we are very excited about this new development. We look forward to the days when she is out of diapers because buying diapers in Dhaka nearly requires a small loan. They are NOT cheap! It will be nice when our shipment comes with Catherine’s potty chair. We are not in full fledged potty training mode, but rather easing into the idea of it. She does love to get the toilet paper off the roll (we have pink TP here!) and flushing is quite exciting too. More later on potty training in Dhaka…


Aunt Jeanie said...

I think this is great!! But then they always say that girls are easier to potty train than boys. And since my mom basically raised Joanne, but I definitely raised my two boys, Don & Dave; I really can not compare.

I think it is funny thought that as Catherine becomes older you can tell her that her "potty training" was "around the world" news!!

I was so happy to hear that ya all can actually talk to your family back here. I am sure that will help to make your transition there a lot easier.

And I wanted to tell you just how happy I was that my boss/friend Lenice took the time to send you that recipe for Molson. Lenice is a VERY busy lady but when it comes to dogs, that is her love also.
She has three, what she refers to as her girls (mutts) but she loves them dearly. And she takes care of a lot of dogs for friends. And she knows I do not have any dogs but understand how close some people can be with their animal/friends.

Hope everything else is going well for ya all. Keep the blog coming, we ALL enjoy it!!

Melissa Edeburn said...

Hey Robin and Dave,
Tom Stone passed on your blog address. Great to see these photos of Miss Catherine!!
Tell me about your new digs!!! Sounds like you are not roughing it too much! And what about running and cycling????
I competed in world long-course duathlon championship in Richmond, VA, 12 days ago. Thought of you that day as the last time we were in touch was on the day of Michael's ironman in Louisville. Amy dying to hear your news. I'm at
I hope you are very happy and well. Best from me and Michael. And big kiss to Miss Martz.