Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Keeping in touch

We have hooked up the headphones and gotten registered on Skype! Catherine can be seen here enjoying a chat with “coach” or because she cannot say coach very well, she calls him “Bobby”. It is wonderful because he has a camera on his end and he can wave and when she has headphones on, she can hear him say things like “want to go in the boat?” We have also talked to Kathy and Jerry in Valpo on Skype and they have a webcam too. I am going to get a webcam this week. I have had to find a day where I have several hours to go as the computer store is downtown. Downtown is anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours away with traffic, so you have to plan accordingly. Dave and I both have Skype accounts and still use our University of Michigan email addresses, so you can find our Skype address by seearching under the umich addresses. Please give us a call sometime! Hope to be talking to you soon!


Joe said...
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Joe said...

Give you a call? -- Absolutely.

Take care.