Friday, January 9, 2009

We went camping!

Yes, this is our 'campsite'. We went on an overnight to the local Radisson hotel! Catherine's idea of camping is completely shot! Here she is VERY excited to arrive in the lobby of the hotel.
The Christmas tree in the lobby.

The entrance decorated like a gingerbread house!


Magdalena said...

Hi Robin,
I read your blog from time to time and seeing the title "We went camping" I thought that now you must have gone nuts...camping in bangladesh? with 2 small children? Like Sunderbans was not a breave thing to do (by which you impressed me very much) I was glad you attached the photos :))) and by the way, our girls are having a great time playing in Am Club any time we meet Cathrine Caroline and your ayah there. Magdalena

Joe said...

I love the sign that reads "Not Edible" in English and Bengali in front of the life-size gingerbread house. Unfortunately, the people who need it most can't read yet.

Take care!