Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mamoo's 100th Birthday Celebration!

What a wonderful week we had! More photos to follow soon. (Also check Robin's facebook page for photos). The 56-hour trip (yes, you read that right!) was TOTALLY worth it. It was great to see and hang out with immediate and extended family as well as lots of good friends from the past and present. Folks travelled from Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado, Florida, Arkansas, Maine, Toronto and yes, Bangladesh! The banner we hand-carried from Dhaka.

The Morrison family (baby Caroline Martz not pictured)

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Joe said...

56 hours is a record I hope never to beat. (My closest is 40 -- from Nepal -- and by the end I was losing my grip on reality -- had been for at least the last 20 hours)

Take care and we'll be talking!