Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I started a new job!

I started a new job this week at the ICDDR, B. (see below for description)
I will be working with the junior scientists on their manuscript writing. This is a photo of my office. Here I am outside the front gate.

This is the building where the library and laboratory are located.

The Centre
ICDDR,B - the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (previously known locally as the Cholera Hospital) is an international health research institution located in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. With the changing trend in the world scenario in health and population over the years, ICDDR,B has expanded its activities to address some of the most critical global health needs. In collaboration with partners from academic and research institutions throughout the world, the Centre conducts research, training and extension activities as well as programme-based activities.

ICDDR,B has a mix of national and international staff, including public health scientists, laboratory scientists, clinicians, nutritionists, epidemiologists, demographers, social and behavioural scientists, IT professionals, and experts in emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, vaccine sciences, etc. The Centre has a cross-cultural environment with 95% local staff that includes researchers, medical officers, administrators, and health workers, and 5% international staff primarily from academic and research institutions engaged in global health research. Currently, there are about 1250 regular staff.

Since 1978, the Centre has shared its knowledge and techniques by training more than 20,000 health professionals from over 78 countries of the world. Various courses provide practical training in hospital management of diarrhoeal diseases, epidemiology, biostatistics, family planning, demographic surveillance, and child survival strategies.

ICDDR,B’s activities are supported by about 55 donor countries and organizations, including the Government of Bangladesh, UN specialized agencies, foundations, universities, research institutes and private sector organizations and companies that share the Centre’s concern for the health problems of developing countries and value its proven experience in helping solve those problems. The Centre is governed by a distinguished multinational Board of Trustees comprising 17 members from all over the world.


I am one lucky lady ................ said...

Beautiful blog xx missing Bangladesh lots

Haley said...

Robin--It's Haley Gallagher. I met you last summer working in the embassy. We had the Peace Corps and UM connection. My gosh your little one---Caroline-- is soooo cute. I can't believe how she's growing. And you look amazing! The last time I saw you, you were still pregnant and getting ready to run a marathon. Glad to see that you and your family are/is doing well.