Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Catherine hanging out at the playground

Catherine has gotten herself into a good routine now that we have been in Dhaka over 4 months now. She goes to school from 8AM until noon, comes home and has lunch with mommy (on lucky days, she gets to talk to Mimi on Skype!), plays a little, has a tub-tub and then its down for an afternoon nap. She still takes great naps and has no problem sleeping (gets that honest). After she gets up from her afternoon 'power nap', she heads out to the playground or the park. She plays and plays before heading home and getting cleaned up for supper.

Here she is at the American Club playground just yesterday playing with a friend she met in her playgroup. He is a french speaker but they speak the same 'playground' language. You wouldn't know it, but this kid is more than 6 months YOUNGER than Catherine. Michigan ought to start recruiting this kid NOW.

You can see she has a coat on, but its really not that cold. Feels like early spring or late fall still. But, we know the heat is coming!

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