Friday, January 18, 2008

Softball in Dhaka

The picture says it all. I've recently started playing softball on Fridays. It feels good to swing the bat (this one brought in two runs); however, it would be nice to get in some infielding and fly ball practice. I guess I'll have to settle for game-time practice. I'll keep you posted on how the team does.


Joe said...

That looks _almost_ like a golf swing. Your other big high school sport. (That's not a tennis ball, is it?)

Hope you three+pooch are doing well -- Take care!


Brian said...

Picture perfect swing and line drive, would expect nothing less from Dave! Keep it up and say hi to the girls!

Allan said...

Hi Dave, from Turkey where I am living now, I think you look much better when you are walking home from a disco late night in Denmark, feeling bad and tired :) Hope you are ok, and you have to give your two girls a big hug from me. Keep working with your sport, it can only make you better, I think.

Take care