Thursday, January 24, 2008

The little monkey at the playground!

Catherine has deservedly earned the nickname "little monkey". She LOVES bananas and can't get enough of them morning, noon and night AND she can climb and swing from the highest of places with ease and NO fear! Here she is at the playground, with Mina spotting her, climbing up on the 'big kids' play equipment (you try telling her its for the big kids ONLY). She also loves watching the monkeys that play behind our house. She will jump up on a chair and squeal "monkeys, monkeys!" We sometimes ask her if she wants to go and live with the monkeys, but so far, she is not interested.

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Magdalena said...

My name is Magdalena Støldal and our daughter, Ida, is also going to Arc-en-Ciel together with Cathrine. They seem to play very nicely at the play-group and so I was wondering if we could meet Cathrine one afternoon to play at the American Club. We go there often in the afternoons, but we don't see you there :) So I thought we could arrange for the girls to play a little outside while it is still possible. My e-mail address is:
and my mob. phone number is 01711509009.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Magdalena (and Ida).