Sunday, February 3, 2008

Catherine will be a big sister!

Well, its official. We have taken the test and RETAKEN the test! Looks like Miss Catherine will be a big sister before 2008 is over! Baby brother or sister (no, we’re not finding out!) is due to arrive early September. Although, if he or she is as anxious as baby Catherine was to get into this world (she came a month early remember!) then we’ll be expecting the little one as early as August! Plans are to spend some quality time at the family cottage in Ontario this summer and stay there to deliver (in Canada NOT the family cottage!) The nearest decent hospital is in a town called North Bay. There are midwives in town that have hospital privileges, so we will likely go that route again. We will have to work through the American consulate in Toronto to get baby’s American birth abroad recognized in order to process their passport. This could take a few weeks. We will be heading back to Bangladesh once the paperwork is completed and the little one has their own American passport! We could also apply for a Canadian passport as baby will be born in Canada and have a Canadian birth certificate and thus, be eligible for Canadian citizenship!
We are very excited about the news and wanted to share it with you!


The Henss Family said...

Hooray!!! That is great news. Congrtulations. Bec

The Cantrells said...

Hi Guys! This is great news. congratulations. Catherine is proof that you guys do good work! Love the blog...
hugs and kisses,
Randy, Monica and Audra

Becky Wexler said...


Akosua said...

Oh my!! Congratulations, guys! I am truly happy for you.


Aunt Jeanie said...

Wonderful News!! And it will be great for Catherine and Molson to have a new playmate.

I absolutely love your blogs!! I
check them daily! And I can relate to so many, many things.
Makes me homesick for my life overseas.

Aunt Jeanie

Aunt Jeanie said...

I just read your comments about your "five star hotel"!!
My favorite thought and I am sure
would agree, is that when I hear people here in the States complaining about anything, I just wish they could spend just ONE
MONTH living as we did!! It sure
changes your views on a lot of things!!

We had to actually live in an old Arab hotel for over two months while our villa was finished. And during that time our son David had a birthday. I tried to purchase a simply little birthday cake and found that their version of pastries were much different than ours. But the chef in the hotel restaurant did offer for me to come into his kitchen and bake a cake for David! I should have taken him up on it; I am sure it would have been an experience!

And a very memorable thing happened when we were finally packing to leave. Sheik Alkadja who was the owner of the hotel presented me with a Ginger Jar with candied ginger in it as a going away gift for "the nice Siler family". I guess we made an impression on them.

Enjoy your adventures because many moons from now you will look back on all of this and laugh at how ridiculous it all sounds!