Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yoga Baby!

The last few times I have come home from a run and wanted to stretch, I have pulled my yoga mat out and done some stretching and various yoga poses. Well, Catherine LOVES this! She can’t help crawling on the mat and trying to imitate whatever pose mommy is doing. When I showed here the ‘butterfly stretch’ she promptly ran into her room and came back out with her “Good Night Butterflies” book! She has improved her downward dog and child’s pose as seen here. She can also do the butterfly and dolphin. Of course, she can only hold the corpse pose for about a millisecond and then she is up and on to another pose! I said to her “maybe you need your own yoga mat” and she said “yeah!”

More to follow on Catherine’s progress as a budding yoga practitioner…

1 comment:

Akosua said...

Hmmm.....weird, because in Ghana, if your child does that pose, it is interpreted as he/she looking for the sibling coming after her. Meaning it is time for another baby. Not sure why...but with the news abt the new baby it might be true....ha ha ha