Sunday, February 17, 2008


Catherine was a party girl this past week-end attending a Valentines Day party and a birthday party.

The Valentines party was held at the American Club and hosted by the Dhaka American Women’s Club (DAWC). There were mini-hot dogs, French fries, lemonade, face painting, cookie decorating and a huge bouncy house. Catherine was very interested in getting in the bouncy house, but it was mostly bigger kids so she occupied herself with other things (like eating above mentioned items). She ate like a champ and then somehow had room for a cookie smeared with frosting and colored sugar! She slept like a rock in the afternoon after all of the festivities.

The very next day, we attended a birthday party of one of her classmates at pre-school. Her entire class was there as was her teacher and her son. She enjoyed the birthday cake and playing with all of the wonderful toys. She especially like pushing the baby stroller around with the doll perched inside. She took time to play with the birthday girl as seen in the photo. She was in bed early after a big week-end of partying!

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