Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Catherine's first haircut!

Well, you would not know if from the pictures, but Miss Catherine was sick today (the day of the haircut and day before she turns TWO!) She had vomited during the night and couldn't keep liquids down this morning. Of course, this happened the day AFTER she was seen for her 2 year well baby visit at the local hospital! Even when she is not feeling great, she is a sweetie and wonderful to be around. I found this barber in the DAWC "yellow pages" a small spiral bound book put out by the Dhaka American Women's Club. The book noted that he cuts children's hair and makes house calls! He spent about 20 minutes cutting Miss Catherine's hair. She was very good and did not fuss or try to get down once. As I write this, she has not thrown up all day and has slept well and is getting her appetite back. Tomorrow will be much better I'm sure and not just because she will be TWO years old!!!

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marty.morrison718 said...

Catherine it was so great to see you on skype tonight. I do hope you are feeling better before your party. We love your new haircut. Mimi and I miss seeing you and giving you a kiss. take care be safe coach and mimi