Thursday, November 15, 2007

The eye of the storm

That red blob is where we live! Cylcone SIDR is picking up steam and heading for the southerrn coast of Bangladesh! We live several hundred miles inland, so are not too worried about ourselves at this point. We have just had rain today and some winds, but the coast has gotten really hammered, we hear. We will batten down the hatches tomorrow and probably stay inside. Give us a buzz on the skype if you'd like to check in with us, and check out updates on or at the hurricane central site below:
Also, we were expecting our shipment TODAY in Chittagong which is the main port of Bangladesh on the Bay of Bengal where the cyclone was headed! Let's hope the ship is able to weather the storm, and we see our belongings (some of you may remember...5 bikes, our clothes, beds, etc....) sometime soon! :)


Joe said...

Howdy, howdy.

Just tried you two on Skype, but had no luck.

Hope you're weathering the storm OK.

Take care!


Amy said...

Hi there!

I was thinking about you when I saw news of the storm, so wanted to check in. I am actually in San Salvador right now, headed back to the US this afternoon. I have had a great week here with a cervical cancer screening¨delegation¨ sponsored by Basic Health, a fledgling NGO based in New York. This has allowed me to see the ripple effect of JHPIEGO´s work and was very rewarding. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving in Michigan with Jeff and my family, with good news to follow. Will be in touch! Love, Amy

CoChris said...

Hey Cousin's hope all is OK with you guys through the storm. We were thinking about you hoping all is well. We love you,

Chris and Camile