Friday, November 9, 2007

Where we live PART I: Catherine's room

Friends and family have asked what our living conditions are like here in Dhaka and I will try and give a glimpse of what it’s like. We live in a 6-story apartment building with an elevator. There are two apartments on each floor. Our neighbors in 3A are an American couple from California. They also have a dog, Bogart, and love to see Catherine as they really miss their grandkids. Upstairs, there is a Japanese couple with a precious baby; a Scandinavian couple and everyone else are Bangladeshis. I have met one very nice Bangladeshi man who owns his own restaurant in Dhaka. The Bangladeshis living in our building are al professionals. (School principal, doctor, etc).
I will give more detail on the inside of our place and start with Catherine’s room, which is actually the nicest room in our apartment. You can see from the pictures she has some colored mats on her floor. The are letters and numbers and serve two purposes. One, they are educational and two, they provide a soft surface to play on (i.e. fall on) as the floors here are concrete! She has a table and chairs with tea set and some play kitchen pots. She also loves her little books and the newest addition, the house and ball pop-up tent! She loves to crawl through the tunnel and play with the balls inside or just read one of her books in her “house”. She has a little red car that has lots of bells and whistles on it that she likes to ride around. Will includes updated pictures of her room when her new furniture arrives in a couple of weeks! She is getting a new bed and dresser.

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