Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving week-end

We celebrated Turkey day last week-end with some of Dave’s co-workers. It was a potluck with about 12 adults and 4 kids, including Catherine. The food was great and the turkey was purchased from the American Club here and was cooked to perfection. We had all the trimmings (including cranberry with the mandatory ringed impressions from the can!) and apple, pumpkin and pecan pies for dessert. Our contribution was homemade bread (not by me) stuffing (also not made by me) and apple and pecan pie (purchased from the American club).

On Thanksgiving Day, Dave and I both worked a full day (yes, I’m working now-consulting for UNFPA). We decided to forego the traditional Thanksgiving dinner at the American Club since we had eaten the very same meal a few days earlier. We, instead, went to the Radisson hotel for a special Bangladeshi food and cultural event. It was a buffet of every imaginable kind of Bangladeshi food ever. There were probably 40-50 stations. At 8:30PM they had a nice show including dancers and various singers, all in traditional costumes.

The day after Thanksgiving, we had a wonderful brunch at home, but unfortunately, we had no access to the internet at home, so could not talk with any family members as planned on Skype. We are back online after getting it fixed today (Saturday) so hopefully will talk with everyone soon. We took Catherine to the pool to go swimming…and on the day after Thanksgiving! She enjoyed playing with some 4 year olds in the big pool and decided that since they went down the big slide that she would/could too! Dave and I took turns treading water in the deep end praying we could catch our little TWO year old as she came flying down the slide…and we did, but not before she went under water. She had a blast and all she could say was “more, more!” Pictures are of her getting ready to go to the pool and her pool side. Understandably, we were a bit preoccupied when she was going down the slide and have no pictures of that! Maybe next time! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Aunt Jeanie said...

Happy "after the Holidays" greeting. I have kept watch on the weather in your region and I
do know that 100 miles can mean a
lot when it comes to storms. Having lived in Texas and gone thru a few storms here, you learn little things like that.

It is so much fun to see the pixs of Catherine. You can just see her growing, and in such a sort time!

I take it Moulson has adapted well to his new environment. Dogs are so good about that. Not all of the worries that we humans have.

BTW a word of advice re your shipment. When we moved to Saudi, we had a 5500 lb. shipment that was "lost". We were there over a
year when it was officially declared to be lost and we filed an
enormous book-like claim. They paid us full claim $11,000 and then shortly after that the shipment was found, in the docks in Damman, right where it was suppose to be. So a word of advice, if yours is declared to
be "lost", do everything you can to check it out yourselves.

After I left Walt, some three years later, he got the shipment out of hock, probably by paying a bit of bakseesh. And ironically the things he unpacked and sent pictures of, were in remarkedly good condition. And I eventually received a portion of it.

It will be interesting what your Christmas will be like. One of the very best Christmases I can remember was in Taif, S.A. It was a very biblical region to start with, whatwith shepherds with their herds of sheep, camel caravans and the rocky countryside.
That year we made so many decorations; strung popcorn, made bread dough art decorations, etc.
There are times when not having all of the luxuries of home is really better.

Here's wishing you a great holiday season.

If there is ever anything that you need or can not find there, that I could get here in Houston, just let me know. I presume you have an APO mailing address.

Stay healthy, happy - and in touch!

Aunt Jeanie