Friday, December 21, 2007

Bad news for our family

We have some bad news for our family about the wonderful Christmas cards they sent us (sent to DC actually). We came home the other day and Molson had gotten into where our cards were and ATE all of them! We were SO upset as we know how much thought and care went into choosing and sending them to us. We are very sorry for this bad boy move and sincerely hope you will consider sending the messages to us a in a quick email (or let us know what we missed on skype). We were so mad that that evening for dinner, Molson got the leftover card in his dish as his supper. The staff tell me he hasn't gone near where the cards were since that episode. So, we are hoping he learned his lesson. The shot on the right was the only thing salvageable and actually came out of his mouth when we got home. If there was any money, we really hope it was in the check form and NOT cash. If it was a check, please cancel it and accept our apology for this. Thanks again for thinking of us and sending us these wonderful cards that we can only imagine had heartfelt wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Lots of love this Christmas from Robin, Dave, Catherine and Molson, aka the 'shredder'.

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Joe said...

Merry Christmas, all! (Even Molson)

Take care!