Friday, December 21, 2007

Its Christmas in Bangladesh, Charlie Brown!

Yes, I could not pass ONE Christmas without a little holiday cheer which means a Christmas tree, lights and Christmas gifts under the tree! I bought this tree (shrub?!) at a local nursery for 200 taka (less than $3). The first set of lights didn't work, so I had to BUY another set....yes, that's right, no such thing as money back guarantee here! But, we are outfitted for the big day, even if it is still 70 degrees outside! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!!

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Caroline said...

Hello Robin and Dave,
Finally someone was here when I was looking at your blog---someone who could show me how to respond!!Yep, all this time I've wanted to respond but didn't know how!!!!!ANYWAY, it's been wonderful reading your blog and staying tuned into your lives. Needless to say we were all concerned with the--what was it??--typhoon? I was in touch with Bobby by email. What an adventure. And thank God you were all 3 safe. I'm sure we all feel a lot better about you, having seen where you're living. Your apt. really looks nice. By now you must all 3 be into a routine and used to your new environment. Before we all know it a year will have passed. And then on to someplace else, right? Nothing much to report around here. We had a wonderful Christmas with family around here, and Dick brought Bill here so we could have him for Christmas. We exchanged Bill in Lynchburg the 26th and Geo and I went to Ohio the 28th, returning today. We're thrilled with the news of Presley. How wonderful for the Dallas gang, especially after Rex's death.------- We all send our wishes for a wonderful new year!!My guess is you will be at the American club.(That's what it's called, right??) HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And hugs and kisses to Catherine!! To all three!