Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our shipment arrived!

Yes, it has only been 3 months and 10 days since we packed our stuff up in Arlington and shipped it to Bangladesh! It is a LONG way around the world and it didn’t help when a cyclone hit the port the day our shipment was due to arrive! It was all there and in okay condition more or less (check out that ‘fragile’ box!) Some families come here with 200-300 boxes and I heard of one family that had 341 boxes. We had a very respectable 40 boxes. Didn’t take long to put that away! Of course, I get to do the unpacking as Dave is out of town for work and left the night before it arrived…convenient! Our shipment was mostly books, a couple of boxes for Catherine (games, life jacket, books, diapers/wipes, etc) and we had some additional clothes, some pictures, 4 bikes plus Catherine’s bike, our computer, Cougar bike trailer, bike trainer and our wonderful, beyond comfortable bed. No other furniture (it all got sold at our garage sale!) So, we were getting along just fine before the shipment arrived and now that its mostly put away, you cannot even really tell we got anything. Although, our 3rd bedroom has become the de facto garage…full of bikes, bike trainer, golf clubs, other sports equipment, extra bed, etc.

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