Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We received our FIRST care package today!

It It was shipped in early November from New Orleans and it is the only package we have received. Thank you to our friends Holly and Paul in NOLA who so generously sent such a wonderful package. We know the items were chosen with care and those postage fees were very sizable, so THANK YOU! We have included a couple of photos here so you can see the pleasure it brought to Catherine as she pulled each item out! MANY, MANY THANKS!

CAUTIONARY NOTE ABOUT SENDING CARE PACKAGES to Bangladesh: I asked someone who has lived in Dhaka for many years how she receives care packages…i.e. the above care package took SO long and we were required to pay $6 to receive it after our friends had spent nearly $30 to send it!!! She said I don’t get care packages. I asked “what if people want to send you something?” She said “I tell them not to”. She says it’s just not worth it. I do hope we get the packages that have already been sent (for Catherine’s birthday and others), but keep this in mind before you send anything else.

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