Monday, May 19, 2008

The Dhaka Triathlon Club

Some of you may know, but Dave and I have started a triathlon club here in Dhaka, called aptly "The Dhaka Triathlon Club" or DTC. We have hosted several races and also host a weekly long run. We have really enjoyed introducing people to running and multi-sport racing! We have had a great response to our races and other events especially from newcomers who are running their first 5K, 10K and competing in their first duathlon! Of course, the weather and other conditions make running and biking outside very difficult in Dhaka. But, getting to exercise outside and off the treadmill and bike trainer is still appealing and dealing with these elements with others makes it all the more enjoyable! Here is an exerpt from the last race we organized. Please check out all of our DTC activities on our "other blog" at:

The Dhaka Triathlon Club hosted is first ever duathlon on Friday, May 16th. The du was pitched as a ‘training event’ rather than a race, to ensure everyone’s safety and in an attempt to attract some first timers to the excitement of multi-sport racing. The event was a huge success! Despite the intense heat and humidity, there were no casualties on the bike or the run and most impressively, about half of all participants had never competed in a duathlon before!

Race registration ran smoothly with the help of two AMAZING volunteers, Leigh Robertson and Melinda Hennessey. They ensured that each athlete signed the race waiver, paid their entry fee (200 TKA) and had their bike and helmet checked before getting body marked. The DTC was lucky to have an expert on hand (Thanks, Peter!) to carry out the bike check and helmet check and several participants commented that it was great that he was able to help them fine tune some trouble spots with their bikes and helmets.

Melinda and Leigh also managed to get every single split of every athlete during the race; including run in, bike out, and finish time. They awarded prizes to the top finishers in each category; individual males, individual females, men’s relay and women’s relay.

Participants had family members at the finish line cheering them (and others) on and there was plenty of water and even some goldfish crackers to snack on post-race. It was a great event enjoyed by everyone! The DTC would like to thank the athletes and their families, with a special thanks to the Smith family for handing out water at the finish line! Huge thanks goes to all of the volunteers that made the event run so smoothly! Thanks again, Leigh, Melinda, Peter and LBH!
Complete results can be seen below.

The DTC hopes to co-host a triathlon next month with the International School of Dhaka. Stay tuned to the website for details on the date and further details.

The DTC continues their Saturday Long Runs (SLR) every Saturday starting at 6:30AM from the American Club. Please join us!

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