Friday, May 2, 2008

Some photos of the little munchkin!

Sorry it has been so long since you have heard from us! We have been busy with work and traveling (photos and details about Bhutan in another post coming soon!). Here are just random shots to let you know we are all doing well. Photo of Catherine on our nanny's (Mina) back. They were headed up to the roof to gather up the clothes from the line. Since most people live in apartments here and have washing machines but no dryers, most roof tops for miles around are filled with drying clothes. Catherine still loves her sling, but enjoys riding on the back now. Photo of Dave reaching under the table was taken after supper one night. Catherine did not want her hands washed off! She eventually got stuck under the stools and finally freed herself! What a hoot. Last photo is at dinner one night. Catherine wanted ALL of us to wear bibs (which we did-adults not pictured here for obvious reasons) but I did snap a cute one of she and Molson. More photos and blogs to come very SOON. Stay tuned and sorry about the lag...

1 comment:

Joe said...

LOVE the picture of Catherine stuck under the stools.

I was starting to wonder (worry) and came this close -- thumb and forefinger a millimeter apart -- to emailing you, but thought I'd check your blog first. And found your postings.

I'd better get your birthday cards off this weekend or you will NEVER get them in time for the big days. I'm sure Catherine's was weeks late.

Hope things are going well with the baby-to-be.

Take care and we'll be talking!