Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our baby is doing just fine...

No not Catherine...and no, not the unborn baby, but our FIRST baby, MOLSON! After a nail biting few days last week, we are happy to report he is doing great in the Near North! He caught a British Airways flight last week that left at 8:45AM-he was required to be at the airport at 4AM! I was with him as Dave was away for work. I walked him and spent some quality time with him in those early morning hours while we waited. The airport personnel then had me get him in his crate at 5:30AM. He did not come out until he landed in London at 9:30PM Dhaka time! He was walked, fed, given water and then spent the night at the pet facility at Heathrow. I spoke to their staff several times that night. They all assured me he was fine.
He caught a noon flight the next day to Toronto, that was delayed by over an hour! He waited to be seen by the Canadian vet and then upon exiting his crate for the last time, he proceeded to go to the bathroom right in front of the customs agents! That is what they get for making him wait, I guess. He was picked up Coach and Allie and whisked away to Chez A5 downtown. We got to see him on Skype that night and really threw him off when we whistled through the microphone--he was running around the room looking for us!
He overnighted in Toronto and then made the last leg of his long journey laying on the front seat of the truck with his nose hanging over the seat. He sat up the ENTIRE way down the Mine Road and according to Coach, knew exactly where he was. I hope at this point, he started to forgive us for putting him through the long trip. He got out of the car at Boatline Bay and went right into the water. It would have been the first time he has been swimming since August 2007 in Virginia. He is acclimating well and enjoying the 52 degree Fahrenheit weather on the lake!
All Dave and I could say after seeing these and other photos from Coach was, WE REALLY WISH WE WERE THERE TOO.

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