Sunday, February 17, 2008


Catherine was a party girl this past week-end attending a Valentines Day party and a birthday party.

The Valentines party was held at the American Club and hosted by the Dhaka American Women’s Club (DAWC). There were mini-hot dogs, French fries, lemonade, face painting, cookie decorating and a huge bouncy house. Catherine was very interested in getting in the bouncy house, but it was mostly bigger kids so she occupied herself with other things (like eating above mentioned items). She ate like a champ and then somehow had room for a cookie smeared with frosting and colored sugar! She slept like a rock in the afternoon after all of the festivities.

The very next day, we attended a birthday party of one of her classmates at pre-school. Her entire class was there as was her teacher and her son. She enjoyed the birthday cake and playing with all of the wonderful toys. She especially like pushing the baby stroller around with the doll perched inside. She took time to play with the birthday girl as seen in the photo. She was in bed early after a big week-end of partying!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yoga Baby!

The last few times I have come home from a run and wanted to stretch, I have pulled my yoga mat out and done some stretching and various yoga poses. Well, Catherine LOVES this! She can’t help crawling on the mat and trying to imitate whatever pose mommy is doing. When I showed here the ‘butterfly stretch’ she promptly ran into her room and came back out with her “Good Night Butterflies” book! She has improved her downward dog and child’s pose as seen here. She can also do the butterfly and dolphin. Of course, she can only hold the corpse pose for about a millisecond and then she is up and on to another pose! I said to her “maybe you need your own yoga mat” and she said “yeah!”

More to follow on Catherine’s progress as a budding yoga practitioner…

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Catherine will be a big sister!

Well, its official. We have taken the test and RETAKEN the test! Looks like Miss Catherine will be a big sister before 2008 is over! Baby brother or sister (no, we’re not finding out!) is due to arrive early September. Although, if he or she is as anxious as baby Catherine was to get into this world (she came a month early remember!) then we’ll be expecting the little one as early as August! Plans are to spend some quality time at the family cottage in Ontario this summer and stay there to deliver (in Canada NOT the family cottage!) The nearest decent hospital is in a town called North Bay. There are midwives in town that have hospital privileges, so we will likely go that route again. We will have to work through the American consulate in Toronto to get baby’s American birth abroad recognized in order to process their passport. This could take a few weeks. We will be heading back to Bangladesh once the paperwork is completed and the little one has their own American passport! We could also apply for a Canadian passport as baby will be born in Canada and have a Canadian birth certificate and thus, be eligible for Canadian citizenship!
We are very excited about the news and wanted to share it with you!