Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daouda hangin' with the girls

Yes, that IS a reindeer hat. It came over SEA to Bangladesh nearly 2 years ago and we still have it and Catherine still wears it. Grandma Kathy knows a good find when she sees one! The shirt is worn ALL the time and it was one I purchased for Catherine's Halloween party. Its black with orange goblins and white ghosts all over it. She wearing that over 3-4 other outfits!
Caroline is learning to use my phone already.

Just hanging out with their dad.

Catherine LOVES puzzles. This one was a gift for her last birthday from our friends Eric and Emily that have gone back to the USA. Many of our friends are leaving Dhaka this summer. It will be a totally different place in September when we return from Canada.

Playing with Henry

Here is Catherine and Henry tackling each other,


being silly,

and just hanging out being good friends.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Recent photos of Catherine

She is really getting to be a big girl!

Recent photos of Caroline

The little monkey is getting big!
Here she is with a photo of Mamoo!

She is officially cruising now.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Catherine playing with her twin

Finally some recent photos! More coming soon! Here is Catherine playing over at her friend Henry's house. Henry has been spotted on the blog a few times before and many know that he is her twin! (They were both born on same day a few hours apart!)

Henry has a better kitchen than we do and its a play kitchen! Henry and Catherine are both in TPS at the French school and attend the same playgroups. Their ayah's are friends as are their moms and dads! Its nice to have such good friends in Dhaka!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ok, this is cheating

SO sorry it has been a long time since you have heard from us! I have taken some great pictures of the girls recently but I CANNOT find the attachement that allows me to download the photos to the computer (so i can then upload for a blog posting)!

So, why is this blog 'cheating'? Well, because, while the photos may LOOK like sweet little Caroline who now is about 9.5 months, they are actually pictures of Catherine when she was 9-10 months old! They look SO much alike!

The picture above is from a half ironman I did in Delaware or New Jersey? I can't even remember. These days Im lucky TO FINISH a half ironman and back then, I got to take home some hardware...those were the days!

Our annual trek to Virginia Beach to run the rock and roll half marathon. Catherine looks JUST like Caroline in this photo!

Here's the little munchkin pushing her mo-mo! Oh, to have that great little thing for Caroline...or the nice baby clothes, clean carpet, nice furniture, etc...all pictured here and part of our previous life...
I will keep looking for the attachement...
Catherine is doing great and finishes her first year of French school in a few weeks.
Caroline has finally gotten a couple of teeth (the bottom 2) and she is as smiley and giggly as ever.
Dave is travelling, but in good health.
I am busy working, training (no race planned) and trying not to stress about our future!