Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week-end in Paro: Tiger's Nest, Uma & National museum

Enjoying a break at the halfway point up to Tiger's Nest
Tiger's Nest in the background.
Robin with Caroline on her back and Gyem, our driver.
At the half way Tahksang cafeteria. Catherine didn't want to be in the photo.
You can barely see Tiger's Nest in top right of photo.

Dave got to carry Catherine up the mountain, all 15 kg of her!

I don't know why Caroline was tired...she was being carried all the way up and down.
Notice her precious hands crossed.

On the way down: Catherine walked the whole way!

Nearing the half way mark, a quick pit-stop to turn the prayer wheel.
Notice Tiger's Nest in the background.

Posing at the National Museum-our budding photographer, Catherine, took this shot. The Paro valley is in the background.

Our room at the Uma Paro-absolutely fabulous accomodations and amazing food!

Catherine and Dad enjoying the large living room in our suite.

Dave, Caroline and Catherine pose in front of the largest book in the world!

Our wonderfully warm bathroom-everything was heated including the towel racks!

Catherine and Caroline enjoy a care package from Grandma Kathy and Jerry. Robin is talkin to Grandpa Coach on Skype.

Caroline is helping to clean up.
Notice the tiger slippers, a gift from good friend Henry, now back in Boston.

Catherine and Caroline play with the markers that were in Christmas care package from Valpo.

Caroline trying on mommy's running shoes.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More photos from Bhutan

We visited the Takin preserve near our house in Thimphu today. The Takin is Bhutan's national animal. They are a goat-antelope found in the eastern Himalayas. They live at altitude and some say look like a bee-stung moose, because their faces look swollen.
Catherine with her very first snowball! Caroline with our new helper, Pasang.

On top a moutain peak near our house among the prayer flags.

We are still 'working' on the gingerbread house.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Some holiday fun in Bhutan!

Catherine and Caroline playing before bed one night. The both had had their tub-tub and were in their PJs. You can see the beautiful hard wood floors in our new house (but almost always requires slippers).
Here Caroline is on Boxing Day posing for the camera. We took a day trip to Punakha and visited the oldest Zhong (Buddhist monastery) in the country. I believe we traveled 80km to get there and it took us about 3 hours! We were on windy, windy roads up and then down the mountain. I felt a little queasy and Catherine lost her breakfast. :(

We woke up New Year's Eve morning to our first snowfall in YEARS! What a beautiful sight on the mountains. Unfortunately, it was ALL gone by mid day-but the town still took the day off. Yep, the first snowfall of the year is a national holiday!

We had a lovely Christmas day brunch at the Taj Tashi hotel in town. We enjoyed omelettes, waffles and roasted turkey! I think liked the chocolate muffin the best (it still be seen on her plate!) and the waitstaff chased after Caroline so Dave and I could eat together (what a concept!).

This little tub is the perfect size for our little monkeys! They love climbing in there and getting cleaned up together.

Another shot of us in Punakha. You can see the Zhong behind us. The backpack i bought from friends in Dhaka before they went back to the US has been awesome! (thanks Henry and Elizabeth!) I really like carrying Caroline around in it.

Christmas morning. We told Catherine to expect a 'lean Christmas' but she did not seem to care as she grinned opening her stocking and seeing lots of little goodies like this pen and candy cane.

We tried to make up the lean Christmas by splurging on this great Gingerbread house purchased at the Taj Tashi bakery shop.