Monday, March 30, 2009

Enjoying time with family...

Baby Caroline and Aunt Dottie had a nice visit.

Rob, Blair and kids. John, Kristen and kids, Rachel and Bill all came for dinner at Caroline and George's. What fun!

We really enjoyed visiting with Aunt Dottie. She remarked that she could just see Caroline thinking!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

More fun in DC

I was walking past "chez Obama" and decided to snap this quick photo.

I guess Caroline gets her inquisitive look honestly.

Rob, Robin and baby Caroline.

Aunt Jacquie with baby Caroline.

Family fun in Washington!

I snuck into DC for a VERY short trip last week and was lucky enough to stay with and see some family while baby Caroline and I were there. I apologize to the folks I didnt get a chance to see while there.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Catherine is Amazing!

If you frequent our site often, then you've probably figured out that Robin is THE blogger and I've only contributed a few over the past year and half. You've probably also noticed that there hasn't been a blog in about a week. Well that's because Robin has been traveling. I've been meaning to post a blog to let everyone know that we're still around and now I'm just getting around to it... just in time for Robin's return. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. To come to my own defense, I couldn't find our digital camera and ultimately came to the conclusion after looking the same place five times that Robin probably took it with her. It then took me the rest of the week to realize that I have a camera on my Blackberry, which brings me today.

You're probably thinking about now, enough of this jibber-jabber and tell us how and why Catherine is amazing. The short answer is... I don't need a reason to know that she's an amazing child. However, my belief was validated this morning when I dropped her off as school. I took her to her room like we do everyday. I put Catherine's Michigan backpack (from Coach and Mimi of course) on the hook that has her picture. We entered the room and said good morning to her teacher as I always do. Her teacher seemed excited to see me, which isn't usual. She went over to Catherine's cubby hole and pulled out a piece of paper. She showed it to me and said Catherine did this all by herself, which is especially exceptional (my words, not the teachers) given the number of letters. I looked at it and thought this is worth framing! It's certainly impressive that she spelled this (minus a few backward letters, which she consistently used), but (and this is in retrospect) the fact that she got all the letters in a straight line might be just as impressive (clearly she has Robin's organizational skills). Anyhow, this is just one reason why Catherine is amazing! See for yourself....

I tried to get a picture of Catherine holding it; however, it was too close to her bedtime and she wasn't up for it. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and doing well. We think of family often and miss you!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mama, I gotta check my e-mail!

Can you believe this is what I hear from my THREE year old? YIKES!

Triathlete in training!

Dave and I head to China next month to compete in the Ironman China 70.3 race (a HALF ironman distance triathlon) and we think the training we've been doing might be rubbing off on Catherine...What do YOU think?

International Women's Day was March 8th

I enjoyed an evening out with some friends. These ladies are smart, funny and beautiful and we ate, drank and chatted our way till too late on a school night! But we rarely do this, so it was even that much more special. I was happy to be invited to join this dynamic group. What do you think of my dessert???

Caroline eats and Catherine plays

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I started a new job!

I started a new job this week at the ICDDR, B. (see below for description)
I will be working with the junior scientists on their manuscript writing. This is a photo of my office. Here I am outside the front gate.

This is the building where the library and laboratory are located.

The Centre
ICDDR,B - the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (previously known locally as the Cholera Hospital) is an international health research institution located in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. With the changing trend in the world scenario in health and population over the years, ICDDR,B has expanded its activities to address some of the most critical global health needs. In collaboration with partners from academic and research institutions throughout the world, the Centre conducts research, training and extension activities as well as programme-based activities.

ICDDR,B has a mix of national and international staff, including public health scientists, laboratory scientists, clinicians, nutritionists, epidemiologists, demographers, social and behavioural scientists, IT professionals, and experts in emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, vaccine sciences, etc. The Centre has a cross-cultural environment with 95% local staff that includes researchers, medical officers, administrators, and health workers, and 5% international staff primarily from academic and research institutions engaged in global health research. Currently, there are about 1250 regular staff.

Since 1978, the Centre has shared its knowledge and techniques by training more than 20,000 health professionals from over 78 countries of the world. Various courses provide practical training in hospital management of diarrhoeal diseases, epidemiology, biostatistics, family planning, demographic surveillance, and child survival strategies.

ICDDR,B’s activities are supported by about 55 donor countries and organizations, including the Government of Bangladesh, UN specialized agencies, foundations, universities, research institutes and private sector organizations and companies that share the Centre’s concern for the health problems of developing countries and value its proven experience in helping solve those problems. The Centre is governed by a distinguished multinational Board of Trustees comprising 17 members from all over the world.

Babygroup at Chez Martz

The organized chaos of babygroup. The ayah's do a great job herding these little cats! They get hungry from all of their busy play with their buddies!
This is the back of Caroline's head in bottom left of the photo right above. Catherine is at the head of the table. Not sure whether she's holding court or having a snack with friends.

The Martz girls

Just to let everyone know that despite the atrocities that went on across the city from us last week and the sadness and confusion felt by bangladeshis here (including our staff) WE ARE FINE. Here are some photos of the girls doing their THANG! playing and giggling and just being silly. Love to all.