Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Khon Kaen Marathon

Caroline and I just traveled to Khon Kaen in northern Thailand this past week-end so I could run a marathon. Read the race report and see more photos on our Dhaka Triathlon Club blog at:


The Sofitel in Khon Kaen leaves these little towel elephants on your dresser!

Jonathan and I getting ready to board the shuttle to go to race-3:30AM!

Baby Caroline checking out Khon Kaen, Thailand from her crib!

Catherine didn't go to Thailand, but she sure enjoyed the chocolate waffles I brought home for her!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Getting ready for Election Day

We 'camped' out at the local Radisson Hotel the day before the National Election here in Bangladesh. Many voters returned to their home villages to vote. Dave snapped these photos of the nice grounds of the hotel. You can notice the train going by on the left side of the photo with all of the people sitting/standing ON TOP OF the train!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Bangladeshi breakfast

I was out to eat recently for breakfast and was in somewhat of a hurry. I ordered the "English breakfast" of 2 eggs, toast and jam, tea and juice. I placed my order for scrambled eggs and asked for orange juice. I was told there was only mango. Ok, I'll take mango then.

5 minutes goes by, then 10 and nothing. I finally get some toast and jam after 15 minutes. I ask for the eggs, they are coming I am told. I get the eggs after about 2o minutes. How about the tea? Its coming, I'm told. After about 25 minutes, I get the tea.

Lastly, how about the juice? What kind did I want? I thought all you had was mango. No, we have apple or orange. I will take orange then!

Another 10 minutes goes by and no orange juice and I need to leave! I ask for the check. I am told that is normally brought at the END of the meal. I patiently tell the waiter, I AM at the end of my meal because I need to leave!

I get up to leave and see my orange juice in a glass on a plate coming towards me. Just before walking out of the restaurant I down the entire glass in about 5 seconds. It turns out to be a fabulous glass of FRESH SQUEEEZED orange juice! The gentleman tells me, that next time, I should tell them AHEAD of time if I want orange juice as it takes 10 minutes to make!

Morale of the story and lessons for surviving in Bangladesh is....

If you can have patience, Bangladesh has some wonderful things to offer, althought it just might make you insane though in the process!

More fun camping...

We enjoyed dinner at the Radisson restaurant. Catherine dug into her spaghetti like she hadn't been fed in weeks! Her baby Allie was next to her during dinner.
We were waiting for our food and acting silly with the chopsticks.

After swimming in their outdoor heated pool, we decided to have a picnic in our room. Catherine was enjoying some camembert cheese while dad opted for the chips and salsa.

We went camping!

Yes, this is our 'campsite'. We went on an overnight to the local Radisson hotel! Catherine's idea of camping is completely shot! Here she is VERY excited to arrive in the lobby of the hotel.
The Christmas tree in the lobby.

The entrance decorated like a gingerbread house!

Playground Junkie...

One of Catherine's favorite words and places is "playground." While her favorite playground is the one at the American Club , she also enjoys going to a mega playground in a nearby neighborhoor, as well as the one at the American School. These action photos below are of Catherine being pushed by daddy on the swings at the American Club. As you can see by her form, she's started to get the idea of kicking her legs to swing.

More swinging in action....

Here's a nice photo of mama and her two girls at the American Club playground. We try to make sure that Catherine gets to go to the playground a few times each week. It's a great place for her to play outside and allows her to run/play in grass and sand. As you can see, we're starting off Caroline early to follow in her sister's steps as a playground junkie.