Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catherine and Caroline in Bhutan

At the playground

Checking their email

Catherine concentrates on her favorite site: 'poisson rouge'

Catherine and Caroline getting creative with the markers

Monday, February 1, 2010

Week-end trip to Phuntsoling

The plan was to go to Phuntsoling in southern Bhutan, which is a border town (with India) for ONE overnight and to run the 18K 'marathon' hosted by the Tashi group, a large group of companies that does everything from making Coca-Cola and beer to running hotels. Dave had to work Saturday, so the girls and I along with our nanny and driver were planning on leaving at 5AM. We drove for an hour and Catherine got sick mutliple times despite the motion sickness medicine. I made the decision to turn around and bring her back to the house. So, our departure was now 7AM (and after being in the car for 2 hours already!). We ended up staying another night so I could collect my prize money (30, 000 NU) at the award ceremony and banquet.

After checking in, Caroline and I ventured out to explore the town and WALK across the border to India. We found a restaurant in India (Jaipour) and did some shopping. When I asked someone if they knew of a good restaurant, the woman said "Im sure I have no idea." I wanted to say 'are you SURE?' :)

This $12 backpack has sure come in handy! Its been up to the Tiger's Nest and now to India.

Me and Bollywood star, Kelly Dorji at the Golden Jubilee Awards post-race ceremony and dinner.

That's me in the white cap-ha ha, just kidding. That IS me at the finish line of the 13K 'marathon'. '

I'm the one with the white scarf on-the gentleman with the striped Gho and salt and pepper hair behind me is the Minister of Economic Affairs and he gave me the scarf when I finished. They ushered me away from the finish line into some building and into a small room where all these guys were laying around-it looked like a mash unit. They wanted me to lay down and rest! I said 'no, thanks', but can i have some water? they yelled 'water, water, she NEEDS water!' the woman literally tried to carry me to the water table! I said, im okay, i can walk. I mean i basically just ran an 8-mile tempo run!

The start was at the Coca-Cola factory outside of town.
The wanted me to wear the Large COTTON t-shirt during the race and I said, no thanks, but decided to compromise and wear the baseball cap during the race.

While Caroline and I were out walking the night before the race, I noticed this place which offers FOODING and lodging.

A great week-end and race. Caroline and I got to take some trips into India both days we were there-just walked right across the border! Everyone in town and affiliated with the race was so nice. At the awards ceremony and dinner, I sat next to the person that works for Tashi group (they were celebrating 50 years in business, which is why they hosted the race) and I found out it was his idea to have the marathon!