Monday, June 23, 2008

We have moved!

Sorry, but I took the random photos of our new apartment BEFORE i even cleaned up! We are now much more organized and in better shape than before these photos were taken!

We decided to move as our previous apartment building had ISSUES. Although losing power several times daily is just a fact of life here in Dhaka, our previous building had problems with its generator. NO generator no lights, fans, nothing. We were awakened on more than one night sweating because the power had gone out and the generator had not come on. The last straw was returning from my birthday dinner a few weeks back and we all loaded onto the elevator, me, dave and catherine and all of our stuff (leftovers, briefcases, etc.) and as soon as we got onto the elevator, the electricity went out. The elevator works on the generator, but the generator did not come on! We were in pitch blackness and I freaked out way more than Catherine did! It was not the darkness so much as there seemed to be NO air! It was hot and stuffy and i had to pee! They pried open the doors not too long after, but we were fed up with the building manager's apathetic attitude to the whole "no generator" situation. Luckily, that night in the elevator, Catherine had on her new tennis shoes that light up when you jump. She kept jumping up and down so we would have some light. She got a kick out of the whole thing. Also, we had super loud neighbor (beginner saxophone player practicing at 11PM, constant drilling/pounding of unknown origin...and all right above us!)

Lastly, was we found an apartment that was the same price, but MUCH nicer than our previous place. I will attach a few more pics in the next post as well. Also, we now have an oven! Its time to start baking! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :)

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Joe said...

"... constant drilling/pounding of unknown origin...and all right above us!)"

Ah, memories of living in a third-world country.

Take care and we'll be talking!