Friday, March 26, 2010

National Marathon

Saturday, March 20th, I ran the National Marathon-my 4th National and 20th marathon! It was a beautiful day, albeit a little warm by runner's standards. I thoroughly enjoyed taking a running tour of the city after being away for the past almost 3 years. I even got to run right past my old office at the World Bank! I saw 8 people I knew on and off the course which makes coming back here even better!

My time was not as great as I had hoped for, but I really didn't mind. I haven't been on the track in 3 years and hopefully this summer I can regain some lost ground-in addition to Foreign Service Officer training, chasing a toddler around and triathlon training, etc.....

Great to be back in DC...although it would be even better if Dave and Catherine were here.


Joe said...

Smiling while running. I love that.

Take care!


chrissie said...

Awesome! Glad you had a good race. (And I love that shirt)