Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yes, WE women do rock!

I underscore the WE here, because I have been reminded by one of my MOST AMAZING women friends of the ways in which women rock! So, thank you Holly!

My friend, Holly, is self-described as the following: Mother, Wife, PhD Candidate, Consultant, Aspiring Photographer, Mildly Crazy, Mostly Optimistic but Sometimes Apathetic, Tired, Probably Craving Something Sweet, Needing to Drink More Water. So, you can see she is smart and witty!

Holly and I met in graduate school and though she is several years (ahem...nearly a decade?) younger than I am, she was one of the brightest stars in TWO different graduate schools at the University of Michigan! She impressed me from DAY ONE with her depth of knowledge on many topics, her analytic brain, optimistic (yet realistic) outlook and quick wit!

The photo above is for you Holly! Notice the smile on my face as I run through sweltering Dhaka 7 months pregnant...and the faces of the two strapping young guys running BEHIND me! As I said, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU HOLLY! :)

Check out what Holly had to say about me on the June 17, 2008 entry on her blog at:


Note to Holly: See I cannot even figure out how to show your blog in this one as a link instead of typing the darn thing out!


Cold Spaghetti said...

Thank you for the much needed props. I particularly like that you've put in writing that I'm, like, a decade younger, 'cause people are starting to not believe me when I say that I am 25. Stick with the fiction, I say, it makes better print!

Seriously, though, it's rough days in coldspaghetti land and your post came at a really good time! Can't wait to see pictures of you all on the Martz island awaiting Baby 2!

Amy said...

Both you and Holly are totally amzing women and I am so proud to call you my friends and colleagues. Just checking in to see how things are rolling in Martz land. I assume you are coming soon to Canada to await the birth? Write soon!